my personal evolution

 as a matter of fact I lost the interest of writing   anything about me as I have been thining tha  it could be  not  interesting  facts  in this way I realized that I have been underestimating myelf  and my personality growth .

howver   the idea of writing my internal thought has been  aggravated in my mind and each time I  feel upset or eager it  pops on  my head  urgin me  to  sxtract it out into the white paper Yet i didn’ tlisten to it and this  the biggest mistake  i ever done  coz in a way i demolished yself and i underevaluted myself 

besides I have been suffering of  lack of self   of confidence due to the   envirnment where I lived in . though I have retained my  internal resistance to all kind of oppression ,  verbal or physical  abuse  disrepect signs from others or underestimating  due to my  lack of social skills or my forced isolation   i can  say that this  inernal resistence savae dme   in some way and i could survive  the social oppesion / brainwashign   where now I enjoy my uniqueness  my assertiveness    and my independence

but  surviving  a patriachal society is not easy as it might seem , since you find yourself obliged to restrain from showing your real desires your real values and  your real thoughts and  you ought to follow the mainstream principles n order to survive as well as trying to no  follow the common stream 

it is hard ot gain independence , individuality ,  your self assertivness n a patriachal society due to different reasons

-economic  investment  : where  there is shortage if employment when the employee   prefer to hire male more than feale

-security issue where it is not easy for female to walk free in the street to the workplace without being harrassed or nsulted by men or worst  by the employees

-socialrestriction when the patriachal socety  sees with two balance     the  female worker on the hand  she should  give up all her  money she  gains   and  on the ohand she is treated with disrespect and  humiliation

– the employment  requirent which are most often harsh and cannot meet the usual condtion of the individual due to the  lack of  opportunities for  the empolyment  or training   

– the downfal of education level  has the major  part of this blame    as thee candiate has less  language acquisaiton many other skills canbe learned at scholl has been  rejected    as the  current educaitonal system   has significantly detoriaretd


 why i rite this because this mymaajor thougts all  the time and whenever i  want to think fo somtethignpositive i find myself   directed to these  issues that i cannot even  avoid as they are  biggest par t of the small  problem




About monabell

if you ever dropped by here don't bother it is just my trashy thougths i just need to throw them outside my head since they keep going back there. sometimes being thinker can be awful
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