never reject your thought  inside your head you have to handle them and find answer fr them

globalization ; this attractive term   may bury  lots  of ambigious meaning and  hideous danger :one  language one mindset  one  lifestyle same products to consume   one religion one money ( euro or dollar  that  is runnning)

money this  is magical  tool to get  things you think you need ofr your life . can destroy your life as well . by being slave for this thing you find yourself running  after new things that you think you   need   for the new life system   it is monetary system we live in   first  there  were  golden or silver  coins now  they change dinto papaers  and late rto credit bank  money will disappear in the  coming days   have you ever wondered   how the poor will  buy things when theyy don’t have money neither credit bank ?  as folllowing the  odenr lifestyle requires money too ? internnet fees   phone  link fees  electricity fees  computer..more and more money 

im not  pessimisti but i have deep thought for the poor too   these  poor apeared due to the new  world system

in order that the western  world  could survive and lead  a modest  modern life  the eastern  world should  suffer of exploitation , natural resources  exploitation  money slavery oil  exploitation poverty 

meanwhile  the poor country struggle  corruption , violence poverty lack of local investment political oppression  educaiton detroioration   internal conflicts … what to say  here ?

these countrie s also   has conservative trend ,  laziness  violence  disrespect narrawmindedness 

i don’t know why i still thnk of this



About monabell

if you ever dropped by here don't bother it is just my trashy thougths i just need to throw them outside my head since they keep going back there. sometimes being thinker can be awful
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