The destiny is yours

we believe that everything is made by destiny; the way we are the way we live the way we act poeple we meet and live with we believe that the destiny is a written process of your life that has to be

but if we think over this statement haven’t we thought that that we were cught in wrong decisions we made in our life so that we remained stuck in a hole and we called it a destiny?

well many of us think that way because we had never known what would happen further we had not known what would be the impact of our act for our lifetime and it might affect it forever

is our life hang by the decision of the sky and stars? is our life dictated by the planet its and laws? ok we say what goes around comes around is that the lw of the nature? yes very true but haven’t we thought that what we do would shape our life in the futur? what we do now in the present the other will be built on our acts we made before
what is karma? a destiny, a fate or retribution? it’s more likely a punishment for our work we did in the past simply it is the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and act carries energy into the world and affects our present reality. Are we responsible of our behaviour toward this life?

what is luck? there are two sides of fortune we gain from this life bad and good but the most questionable thought is that luck is often defined as a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a our control. Is it also defined as Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions
we are responsable for what we do everyday how we think how we act how we live our life we take part in the destiney by making our own decision
being responsible means responding in the moment, and moment by moment, with the freshness of pure consciousness, pure awareness. If we are reacting in our mind, then we are not responding. When we respond, we interact with Absolute Consciousness, and through that interaction with Absolute Consciousness we are absolutely purified and freed from all our dilemmas. When we are responsible, we see clearly what must be done and we do it, without over-thinking or over analyzing. When we over-think we under-do. Over analyzing is a form of procrastination.


About monabell

if you ever dropped by here don't bother it is just my trashy thougths i just need to throw them outside my head since they keep going back there. sometimes being thinker can be awful
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