Hello world!

Hail  to this venerable  world

that embraced me so gently  with his  rough arms

kissed me soflty on my forehead  with his tasteless  lips

immersed me with his  sweet promiseless words

finding myself floating on  dreamful illusions

where my  living  body  wavering  in the loose stream

my vivid soul  drifting   between sanity and madness

the distance between them seems blurred

a shimmering melody coming out of  weeping lullaby

playing  a song of eternal  love

He handed  me a  cup of   beverage  of serenity

swinging forth and backward with  hammered head

walking through  flickering  colorful meadow

accmpanied by  crow  with their  deafening caw

heading for  the  silent graveyard

to be lying for the lifetime


About monabell

if you ever dropped by here don't bother it is just my trashy thougths i just need to throw them outside my head since they keep going back there. sometimes being thinker can be awful
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