never reject your thought  inside your head you have to handle them and find answer fr them

globalization ; this attractive term   may bury  lots  of ambigious meaning and  hideous danger :one  language one mindset  one  lifestyle same products to consume   one religion one money ( euro or dollar  that  is runnning)

money this  is magical  tool to get  things you think you need ofr your life . can destroy your life as well . by being slave for this thing you find yourself running  after new things that you think you   need   for the new life system   it is monetary system we live in   first  there  were  golden or silver  coins now  they change dinto papaers  and late rto credit bank  money will disappear in the  coming days   have you ever wondered   how the poor will  buy things when theyy don’t have money neither credit bank ?  as folllowing the  odenr lifestyle requires money too ? internnet fees   phone  link fees  electricity fees  computer..more and more money 

im not  pessimisti but i have deep thought for the poor too   these  poor apeared due to the new  world system

in order that the western  world  could survive and lead  a modest  modern life  the eastern  world should  suffer of exploitation , natural resources  exploitation  money slavery oil  exploitation poverty 

meanwhile  the poor country struggle  corruption , violence poverty lack of local investment political oppression  educaiton detroioration   internal conflicts … what to say  here ?

these countrie s also   has conservative trend ,  laziness  violence  disrespect narrawmindedness 

i don’t know why i still thnk of this


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my personal evolution

 as a matter of fact I lost the interest of writing   anything about me as I have been thining tha  it could be  not  interesting  facts  in this way I realized that I have been underestimating myelf  and my personality growth .

howver   the idea of writing my internal thought has been  aggravated in my mind and each time I  feel upset or eager it  pops on  my head  urgin me  to  sxtract it out into the white paper Yet i didn’ tlisten to it and this  the biggest mistake  i ever done  coz in a way i demolished yself and i underevaluted myself 

besides I have been suffering of  lack of self   of confidence due to the   envirnment where I lived in . though I have retained my  internal resistance to all kind of oppression ,  verbal or physical  abuse  disrepect signs from others or underestimating  due to my  lack of social skills or my forced isolation   i can  say that this  inernal resistence savae dme   in some way and i could survive  the social oppesion / brainwashign   where now I enjoy my uniqueness  my assertiveness    and my independence

but  surviving  a patriachal society is not easy as it might seem , since you find yourself obliged to restrain from showing your real desires your real values and  your real thoughts and  you ought to follow the mainstream principles n order to survive as well as trying to no  follow the common stream 

it is hard ot gain independence , individuality ,  your self assertivness n a patriachal society due to different reasons

-economic  investment  : where  there is shortage if employment when the employee   prefer to hire male more than feale

-security issue where it is not easy for female to walk free in the street to the workplace without being harrassed or nsulted by men or worst  by the employees

-socialrestriction when the patriachal socety  sees with two balance     the  female worker on the hand  she should  give up all her  money she  gains   and  on the ohand she is treated with disrespect and  humiliation

– the employment  requirent which are most often harsh and cannot meet the usual condtion of the individual due to the  lack of  opportunities for  the empolyment  or training   

– the downfal of education level  has the major  part of this blame    as thee candiate has less  language acquisaiton many other skills canbe learned at scholl has been  rejected    as the  current educaitonal system   has significantly detoriaretd


 why i rite this because this mymaajor thougts all  the time and whenever i  want to think fo somtethignpositive i find myself   directed to these  issues that i cannot even  avoid as they are  biggest par t of the small  problem



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The destiny is yours

we believe that everything is made by destiny; the way we are the way we live the way we act poeple we meet and live with we believe that the destiny is a written process of your life that has to be

but if we think over this statement haven’t we thought that that we were cught in wrong decisions we made in our life so that we remained stuck in a hole and we called it a destiny?

well many of us think that way because we had never known what would happen further we had not known what would be the impact of our act for our lifetime and it might affect it forever

is our life hang by the decision of the sky and stars? is our life dictated by the planet its and laws? ok we say what goes around comes around is that the lw of the nature? yes very true but haven’t we thought that what we do would shape our life in the futur? what we do now in the present the other will be built on our acts we made before
what is karma? a destiny, a fate or retribution? it’s more likely a punishment for our work we did in the past simply it is the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and act carries energy into the world and affects our present reality. Are we responsible of our behaviour toward this life?

what is luck? there are two sides of fortune we gain from this life bad and good but the most questionable thought is that luck is often defined as a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a our control. Is it also defined as Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions
we are responsable for what we do everyday how we think how we act how we live our life we take part in the destiney by making our own decision
being responsible means responding in the moment, and moment by moment, with the freshness of pure consciousness, pure awareness. If we are reacting in our mind, then we are not responding. When we respond, we interact with Absolute Consciousness, and through that interaction with Absolute Consciousness we are absolutely purified and freed from all our dilemmas. When we are responsible, we see clearly what must be done and we do it, without over-thinking or over analyzing. When we over-think we under-do. Over analyzing is a form of procrastination.

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Hello world!

Hail  to this venerable  world

that embraced me so gently  with his  rough arms

kissed me soflty on my forehead  with his tasteless  lips

immersed me with his  sweet promiseless words

finding myself floating on  dreamful illusions

where my  living  body  wavering  in the loose stream

my vivid soul  drifting   between sanity and madness

the distance between them seems blurred

a shimmering melody coming out of  weeping lullaby

playing  a song of eternal  love

He handed  me a  cup of   beverage  of serenity

swinging forth and backward with  hammered head

walking through  flickering  colorful meadow

accmpanied by  crow  with their  deafening caw

heading for  the  silent graveyard

to be lying for the lifetime

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